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Our specialist embryology laboratories in East Melbourne, and Mt Waverley are accredited by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC).

Here you will find a full range of associated services, including:

Embryo Development

As part of our ongoing improvements to patient care, a representative of the embryology laboratory may contact you on day three after your egg collection to inform you of the number of oocytes that have been fertilised and the development of these embryos.

Leading the way in embryology research

Professor David Gardner

Professor David Gardner is the Scientific Director at Melbourne IVF and he leads the innovation and research program at Melbourne IVF and at Virtus Health. He is a distinguished Professor of Biosciences at the University of Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Over the past 30 years, his work includes the introduction of blastocyst culture which changed the way IVF was practiced throughout the world. As the namesake of blastocyst grading, the internationally used 'Gardner Scale’, his grading system of embryos remains the world standard. His aim is to optimise embryo development and selection to reduce the time taken to achieve a healthy baby.

John Stevens

John Stevens is the Director of ART Services for Victoria. He has contributed significantly to the field of Reproductive Medicine, pioneering research in human assisted conception, and is widely published. Prior to his relocation to Melbourne, John has successfully led the world-renowned clinical laboratory at the Colorado Centre for Reproductive Medicine for over 15 years, and now works closely with Melbourne IVF Scientific Director, Professor David Gardner. As a team, John Stevens and Prof Gardner will lead the Melbourne IVF Laboratory Scientists and continue to provide world leading clinical outcomes for patients.

A day in the life of an embryologist

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