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As pioneers in IVF, Melbourne IVF is one of the world’s leading centres for fertility treatment, at the forefront of research, technology and teaching, with specialists from across Australia and the world visiting our centre to learn and share ideas.

With more than 35 years of experience, Melbourne IVF has demonstrated excellence in fertility and IVF research. Members of the team that were instrumental in achieving Australia’s first IVF baby, formed part of our clinic and to this day we offer the most advanced form of fertility treatment in Australia and worldwide.

Melbourne IVF patients have access to some of Australia’s leading Fertility Specialists, who along with our researchers and scientists continue to make breakthroughs in fertility treatments and techniques, continually improving outcomes for our patients and maximising their chance of having a healthy baby.

When you visit a Melbourne IVF fertility clinic you will have access to the best minds in fertility treatment as well as the latest in advanced treatment technology. Our fully integrated network, comprising a collaborative team of fertility specialists, nurses, scientists and counsellors means we can take care of every step of your journey, including tests, IVF procedures and counselling support, as well as a strong commitment to improving patient outcomes through our investment into research and development in the field of fertility treatment.

The Melbourne IVF role in IVF history

Melbourne has long been a city renowned in the medical profession for pioneering IVF treatment worldwide, starting with the conception and birth of Candice Reed, Australia’s first IVF baby, more than 35 years ago.  Some of the Melbourne IVF founding members, the late Ian Johnston, and current Melbourne IVF Director, Associate Professor John McBain, AO were part of the team that were instrumental in achieving this breakthrough.

The birth of Candice Reed at the Royal Women’s Hospital attracted worldwide attention not only because of the media publicity, but also because the procedures that the team used were published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility in 1980. The birth of Candice acted like an IVF beacon that attracted infertility specialists to Melbourne. All of the international specialists who visited us obtained information that enabled them to establish successful IVF clinics. The first ones were in France, USA, Germany, Austria, England, Japan and Israel.

The history of IVF in Australia commenced in 1971 when Dr Alex Lopata (who would later become Head of Embryology at Melbourne IVF), commenced an IVF programme at Queen Victoria Medical Centre.  He later joined Dr Ian Johnston and A/Prof John McBain, AO at the Royal Women’s Hospital, who would eventually be successful in creating a successful pregnancy from an embryo created through IVF.  This group of fertility specialists and embryologists would later, in 1989, form one of Melbourne’s first private IVF clinics, Melbourne IVF.  The history of IVF in Australia is a fascinating tale and has been recounted by Dr Alex Lopata and A/Prof John McBain, AO in these two very different reflections.

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What makes Melbourne IVF unique

Leading expertise and personalised treatment

Melbourne IVF fertility specialists are trained in obstetrics and gynaecology and most now dedicate their practice solely to fertility treatment. Several of our fertility specialists have completed further specialist training in this area and have obtained the Certificate of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) sub-specialist qualification, which is awarded by the Royal Australian College and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Your fertility specialist will choose the most appropriate treatment plan to give you the best opportunity for a baby. By undergoing treatment at Melbourne IVF additional early testing detects the embryo most likely to lead to a baby, with other embryos of high potential frozen for further use in months or years to come.

At Melbourne IVF your care is managed by your fertility specialist and where possible they will perform your procedures including monitoring ultrasound scans, egg collection and embryo transfer, providing familiarity and reassurance at every stage of your journey.

Meet our fertility specialists...

Furthermore, each specialist works with a small team of fertility nurses who can be in daily contact with you if required and start their daily morning clinic at 7.00am.
IVF procedures occur seven days a week and specialist cover always available, with access to your treatment history.

You can have most of your tests and appointments at a clinic close to your home or work, with seven to choose from in and around Melbourne. Procedures are carried out at our own specialist day hospitals, located in East Melbourne, Mt Waverley and Werribee that offers a high level of comfort and privacy.

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Leading research and development

Melbourne IVF has an active focus in areas of both clinical and laboratory based research, with one of the only dedicated in-house research departments in Australia, lead by world renowned Professor David Gardner.
The calibre of our research is reflected by the international recognition it receives. The combination of highly regarded fertility specialists and scientists with a strong, capable and motivated research department ensures that we will continue to produce important research at Melbourne IVF and the Reproductive Services at the Women's Hospital.

As part of the Virtus Health group we provide patients access to more fertility expertise and resources than any other group of fertility clinics. Other clinics that sit within the Virtus Health umbrella include IVF Australia, Queensland Fertility Group, Tas IVF, Virtus Fertility Centre, and Sims IVF.

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Specialist day hospitals

Melbourne IVF patients may have egg collection, embryo transfer and other procedures performed at the East Melbourne Specialist Day Hospital, Waverley Private Hospital Day Procedure Centre, Wyndham Private Day Hospital Surgery or as a clinic patient through Reproductive Services at the Women's Hospital.

Advanced science and in-house diagnostics

All procedures, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), freezing embryos and our world-class Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) programme, are carried out in our advanced laboratories. We also manage our own diagnostic service, including andrology (semen analysis) and pathology (blood tests). Find out more about our science...

Dedicated donor program and counselling support

Our donor team, counsellors and fertility specialists can support you if you have specific concerns and situations, such as using donor eggs, sperm or embryos and understanding Victorian ART legislation requirements. Learn more about our donor programme.

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