The Melbourne IVF fertility specialist team are leaders in their field, and in the following videos they share their collective expertise in reproductive medicine. These videos will take you on a journey as to how Melbourne IVF can improve your ability to conceive a baby. We are also pleased to showcase some of our leading specialists so that you can better understand their approach to treatment or area of expertise, before your first consultation. Simply choose a video of interest to you and start watching. 

A Woman's Fertility & AMH

Age is the most important factor in a woman's fertility, and an AMH test can assess your current fertility.

Trying to Conceive

Expert advice on how your health and wellbeing affects your fertility, and what you can do to boost your chances of falling pregnant naturally. Presented by Dr Karen Paice.

Fibroids and Fertility

Fibroids are a common women’s health issue. Find out how they are diagnosed and treated in order to increase your chances of falling pregnant. Presented by Dr Jim Tsaltas.

Endometriosis & Fertility

How endometriosis can affect your ability to conceive and the treatments available to help you get pregnant.

Ovulation Disorders & Treatments

How common is irregular ovulation and what treatments are available to help women overcome this issue and fall pregnant. Presented by Dr Alex Polyakov

Diagnosing & Treating Infertility

Common causes of infertility, and how it can be diagnosed and treated. Also, when should you seek help from a Fertility Specialist?

ICSI Treatment

ICSI fertility treatment involves injecting a single sperm into each egg, giving patients the best chance of success, particularly in male infertility cases.

IVF Treatment

During the IVF process, the sperm fertilises the eggs in a specialist laboratory, to give patients a better chance of success over natural conception.

Fertility Preservation for Women

Protecting a woman's fertility until she has recovered from cancer treatment. Covers medical protection, and embryo, egg & ovarian tissue freezing.

Fertility Preservation for Men

Prior to undergoing cancer treatment, men may should consider freezing their sperm.

Recurrent miscarriage

Dr Weng Chan on recurrent miscarriage