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Melbourne IVF is proud to house the Embryoscope+, an innovative technology revolutionising embryo culture and selection in our laboratory.

Time-lapse technology for embryo development & selection

EmbryoScope+ is an innovative time-lapse technology used to carefully monitor and analyse the development of embryos for optimal selection of the embryo most likely to achieve a pregnancy. This next generation technology combines an incubator, high resolution camera and computer software to automatically take an image of an embryo up to every 7 minutes.

The use of time-lapse imagery is becoming widely recognised in assisted reproductive technology providing a wide range of clinical, workflow and data management advantages over traditional methods.

What is an EmbryoScope?

An EmbryoScope is an innovative time-lapse incubator that allows scientists to carefully monitor and analyse the development of embryos.

What are the benefits of using EmbryoScope?

There are three core benefits to the EmbryoScope:

  • Reduced handling: Scientists can review the development of embryos at any point in time without removing them from their incubators.
  • More monitoring: Scientists can analyse more than 7200 minutes of continuously recorded data of embryo development compared with the standard 6-10 minutes.
  • Better embryo selection: By obtaining accurate, in-depth data scientists can now use selection and de-selection criteria to try and identify the best embryo for transfer.

Who might benefit from EmbryoScope?

Anyone undergoing IVF or ICSI is suitable for culture in the EmbryoScope. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Embryoscope offered by Melbourne IVF fertility specialists, contact us on 1800 111 483.

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