Nurses | Melbourne IVF

Personal care throughout your treatment

As a patient you will be under the care of a team of nurses, who provide individual care throughout your treatment.

The nurses are able to answer your questions, discuss concerns and liaise with your doctor. They will perform tests, scans and injections, and teach you how to administer your own injections at home. Your fertility nurse can also provide specific care throughout the early stages of pregnancy. Our nurses also guide you through the donor programme treatment if you are accessing donor sperm, eggs or embryos.

As part of our ongoing improvements to patient care, a representative of the nursing team will contact you the day after your egg collection to inform you of the number of oocytes that have been fertilised.

Early pregnancy management

A specialist Early Pregnancy Management Nurse will monitor the early stages of pregnancy, especially if you have experienced a pregnancy loss, or are at risk of this occurring. This includes all necessary tests and monitoring, as well as liaising with your fertility specialist and providing advice.

Available for you, Monday-Saturday

Our nurses are available from Monday to Saturday, beginning their morning clinic at 7.00am.

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