Transgender Fertility Preservation

If you are transgender and preparing to undergo a gender transition one of the many important considerations you make prior to undergoing hormonal therapy is if you might like to have a family in the future. Choosing to start a family prior to undergoing transition treatments either naturally or via insemination may be an option for some. Others may wish to not delay their transition or feel this is not an avenue they are comfortable in pursuing and look at other options. 

Options for trans men (female-to-male) prior transitioning

Egg freezing

Prior to hormone therapy commencing you have the option to store unfertilised eggs for future use.  This option involves undergoing hormonal stimulation to develop multiple eggs for collection. Find out more about egg freezing.

Embryo freezing

Sperm samples are collected in a private room in the Andrology Unit, so our scientists can prepare and freeze the sperm as soon as practical in order to achieve the best survival rate when subsequently thawed.

You can use IVF to create embryos if you have a male partner. You undergo a hormonal stimulation to develop multiple eggs which are then collected and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory.  Find out more about embryo freezing.

Options for trans women (male-to-female) prior to transitioning

Sperm freezing

It is possible to freeze and store your sperm before commencing your hormone therapy for use when you are ready to start a family. Find out more about sperm freezing.