Dr Marina Demyanenko

Dr Marina Demyanenko


Egg Freezing / Fertility Preservation / Gynaecology / Male Infertility / Obstetrics / PCOS

Dr Marina Demyanenko is an experienced fertility specialist offering personalised and patient-centred care. She specialises in tailored fertility solutions.

Dr Marina Demyanenko is an experienced fertility specialist, boasting over a decade of expertise as a gynaecologist, further enriched by a dedicated year of specialised focus on fertility. Her academic journey commenced with a BMedSci from Monash University, followed by graduate entry into medicine at Melbourne University. Dr Demyanenko completed her training and internship at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne before immersing herself in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O+G) at the Royal Women's Hospital, driven by a longstanding passion for the field.

Originally drawn to operative gynaecology, Dr Demyanenko identified a critical patient need for seamless continuity of care, particularly about fertility treatment. This realisation inspired her to acquire additional expertise in fertility preservation and infertility, leading her to pursue a fertility and reproductive medicine fellowship at the RWH reproductive unit, thereby underscoring her commitment to patient empowerment through knowledge.

Specialising in various facets of fertility, including in vitro fertilisation (IVF), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), ovulation induction, female infertility, and endometriosis, alongside fertility preservation and egg freezing, Dr Demyanenko is actively engaged in both private and public spheres. She remains abreast of the latest advancements by participating in education days and conferences and pursuing a master's in reproductive medicine.

Collaboration is integral to Dr Marina's professional approach. By cultivating relationships in both public and private settings, she ensures her patients receive comprehensive and efficient care.

Patient-centred care stands as a cornerstone of Dr Demyanenko's practice. She prioritises active patient involvement in decision-making and offers a holistic approach to their fertility journey. Recognising the emotional challenges associated with fertility treatments, she provides sensitive and compassionate care while nurturing a supportive environment through a dedicated team of clinicians, scientists, counsellors, and allied health professionals.

Tailoring treatment plans to individual needs remains a focal point of Dr Demyanenko's practice. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each patient, she invests time in understanding their circumstances to develop personalised plans. Joining Melbourne IVF has provided her with a platform to collaborate with trusted mentors and colleagues, aligning seamlessly with her dedication to teamwork, support, and advancements in medical care.

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