Dr Manuela Toledo

Dr Manuela Toledo


CREI qualified with a holistic approach and a special interest in complex infertility

Advanced maternal age / Andrology / CREI / Donor / Egg Freezing / Fertility Preservation / Genetic Testing / Gynaecology / IVF & Infertility / Laparoscopic Surgery / Male Infertility / PCOS / Recurrent Miscarriage / Second Opinion / Single women and same sex couples / Surrogacy

CREI qualified with a special interest in complex infertility and providing second opinions.

Caring and engaging, highly regarded CREI qualified fertility specialist Manuela Toledo approaches all fertility patients with a holistic view applying her extensive experience in fertility and the genetics of reproductive medicine.

Manuela is interested in all aspects of infertility and has a special interest in fertility preservation, complex infertility and providing second opinions.

After graduating from The University of Melbourne and completing residency at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne, Manuela specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology becoming a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2004.

Manuela spent three years as the Melbourne IVF Fellow completing specialist training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, obtaining the CREI specialisation in 2008. She joined Melbourne IVF as a consultant in 2006 and served as a member of the Melbourne IVF Board from 2006-2013. Manuela is a current member of the VARTA Advisory Board. She also holds a VMO position at The Royal Women's Hospital and is responsible for training future fertility specialists.

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