Dr Julianne Cameron

Dr Julianne Cameron


Supportive, thorough and compassionate

Advanced maternal age / Andrology / Donor / Egg Freezing / Fertility Preservation / Genetic Testing / Gynaecology / / Laparoscopic Surgery / Male Infertility / Obstetrics / PCOS / Recurrent Miscarriage / Second Opinion / Single women and same sex couples / Surrogacy

Dr Cameron is thorough & compassionate, specialising in miscarriage & egg freezing.

Through a highly skilled and caring approach, Julianne enjoys helping men and women achieve their goal of becoming pregnant and continuing their care through pregnancy to the safe arrival of their baby.

After attaining her Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery from Melbourne University in 2005, Julianne completed her residency and specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. She then went on to complete her fellowship there in Reproductive Medicine through the Reproductive Services Unit. Julianne holds a doctorate of Philosophy (Molecular Virology) and is now completing her Masters in Reproductive Medicine.

As well as seeing fertility patients with Melbourne IVF, Julianne is an accredited Obstetric specialist caring for her pregnant patients at Cabrini Malvern, Waverley Private and Jessie McPherson (Clayton) hospitals, providing local continuity of care from conception to birth. Having chosen to be solely based in Melbourne’s South East to focus on her fertility and obstetrics practice, Julianne is passionate about positively impacting the lives of patients in Melbourne’s South East.

Julianne has a special interest in treating women with recurrent miscarriage and fertility preservation needs, as well as seeing men who present with male infertility.

Julianne’s patients describe her as nurturing and always willing to make time for them. She is extremely personable and values that each woman or couples situation is unique, providing both medical expertise and emotional support throughout their journey.

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