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Level 1, 242 Hoppers Lane, Wyndham Private Medical Centre, Werribee VIC 3030

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Melbourne IVF in Wyndham offers full time fertility services to anyone working or living in Melbourne's West.

Melbourne IVF Werribee is a full-time fertility clinic offering specialist consultations including monitoring and scans.

Services at this location

Ovulation cycle tracking

A simple blood test and ultrasound will accurately detect any hormonal surges during your menstrual cycle which can help identify the most accurate day in your cycle - your fertile window - so you can time intercourse. Find out more about ovulation cycle tracking.

Fertility assessments

A dedicated fertility specialist will meet with you to assess your reproductive health and organise some simple tests to outline any conditions or concerns which may be affecting your fertility and discuss with you in depth the fertility treatment options, from the simple to the advanced, available and recommended to you.

Donor & surrogacy program

A comprehensive and supportive donor programme is available to assist patients in having a baby who require donor eggs, sperm, surrogacy, or embryos be it from a known arrangement or through our clinic recruited services. Surrogacy is available with known donor arrangements only.

Genetic Testing

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening are advanced scientific techniques used to test embryos before they are implanted to assess if they are carriers of any known genetic or chromosomal conditions or variation. Find out more about genetic testing options available at Melbourne IVF.

Fertility preservation

We offer fertility preservation for our patients be it for a medical or for social reasons. Preservation of your eggs, sperm or embryos allows for added protection for your fertility for the future.


Full time specialist fertility and early pregnancy nursing support is available to ensure an added element of care providing personal support throughout your journey.


A confidential counselling service is offered with our experienced fertility counsellors who can assist patients before, during or after treatment to provide support in your journey. This service is highly encouraged at any time if you feel you need any additional support or advice, with free supportive counselling available.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri
Open 7.30am to 3.30pm

Sat and Sun


Melbourne IVF Werribee is located at Lvl 1, Wyndham Private Medical Centre, 242 Hoppers Lane, Werribee.  Fertility Specialist consultations are available with Dr Shlomi Barak, Dr Chandrika Parmar, Dr Michael Gronow, A/Prof John McBain, AO and Dr Joseph Sgroi.

By Car

You can reach Hoppers Lane from the Princes Freeway/Old Geelong Rd or Morris Road – it is around 700 metres from the corner of these two roads. Car parking is available on site at the Wyndham Private Medical Centre.

By Train

The Werribee line travels from the Melbourne CBD to Hoppers Crossing train station, located at 323 Princes Highway, Hoppers Crossing. This is around 450 metres or 2 minutes by taxi from the clinic. See route...

By Bus

Bus 416 travels from Hoppers Crossing train station located at 323 Princes Highway, Hoppers Crossing down to Hoppers Lane. The closest stop to the clinic is near Victoria University, located at 240 Hoppers Lane. This is around 450 metres or 2 minutes by taxi, from the clinic. See route...

-37.886162, 144.701111

Doctors at this clinic

Dr Manuela Toledo


CREI qualified with a holistic approach and a special interest in complex infertility

CREI qualified with a special interest in complex infertility and providing second opinions.
Dr Hossam Elzeiny


Australia's expert in microTES and male infertility

Attentive, compassionate and focused on individual needs

Dr Elzeiny holds the highest qualification in the field (CREI). An expert in complex female and male infertility - highest success rate in sperm retrieval.