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Reproductive Services, The Women’s Hospital, Cnr Grattan St and Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052

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Melbourne IVF has a long-standing relationship with The Royal Women’s Hospital in Parkville, providing fertility treatment services through the Reproductive Services Unit.

Some of the Melbourne IVF founding members, the late Ian Johnston and A/Prof John McBain, were part of the original team at the Women’s Hospital involved in the conception and birth of Candice Reed, Australia’s first IVF baby in 1980.

When undergoing IVF treatment at Reproductive Services, your treatment will be performed and managed by the Melbourne IVF fertility specialist or registrar rostered for that day.

Services at this location

Semen analysis

To make the process as easy as possible on you we have a dedicated andrology laboratory available for you to conduct any required semen analysis tests, these can either be produced on site in our private rooms or you are welcome to bring in a sample with you. Please contact our clinic directly to make these arrangements.

Ovulation cycle tracking

A simple blood test and ultrasound will accurately detect any hormonal surges during your menstrual cycle which can help identify the most accurate day in your cycle - your fertile window - so you can time intercourse. Find out more about ovulation cycle tracking.

Fertility assessments

A dedicated fertility specialist will meet with you to assess your reproductive health and organise some simple tests to outline any conditions or concerns which may be affecting your fertility and discuss with you in depth the fertility treatment options, from the simple to the advanced, available and recommended to you.

Donor program

A comprehensive and supportive donor programme is available to assist patients in having a baby who require donor eggs, sperm, surrogacy, or embryos be it from a known arrangement or through our clinic recruited services.

Genetic testing

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and screening are advanced scientific techniques used to test embryos before they are implanted to assess if they are carriers of any known genetic or chromosomal conditions or variation. Find out more about genetic testing options available at Melbourne IVF.

Fertility preservation

We offer fertility preservation for our patients be it for a medical or for social reasons. Preservation of your eggs, sperm or embryos allows for added protection for your fertility for the future.


Full time specialist fertility and early pregnancy nursing support is available to ensure an added element of care providing personal support throughout your journey.


A confidential counselling service is offered with our experienced fertility counsellors who can assist patients before, during or after treatment to provide support in your journey. This service is highly encouraged at any time if you feel you need any additional support or advice, with free supportive counselling available.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri
Open 7.30am to 5pm

Sat & Sun
Open 7.30am to 3.30pm


By Car
Underground car parking is available at the hospital’s main building from the Flemington Road car park entrance. Limited street meter parking is available in streets surrounding the hospital.

By Tram
Trams 55 and 59 travel along Flemington Road and stop at Grattan Street, outside the hospital. See routes...

By Bus
Bus 402, from opposite St Vincent’s Hospital in Victoria Parade, stops on Grattan Street.
Bus 401, from opposite North Melbourne Terminus in Ireland Street, stops on Grattan Street.
Bus 546, Heidelberg to Melbourne University, travels along Swanston Street, several blocks from the hospital.
Bus 205, Doncaster via Kew Junction and Melbourne University, travels along Swanston Street, several blocks from the hospital.
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