Career Opportunities with Melbourne IVF

As one of Australia’s largest fertility clinics, we often have opportunities for experienced specialists, nurses, scientists, researchers and support staff to join us.

If you are passionate about providing the best possible care to the highest clinical standards, and you’re excited by the idea of collaborating with like-minded peers and leaders in fertility treatment, please email Human Resources

Opportunities for Fertility Specialists

If you’re a Fertility Specialist with a CREI qualification, or a well-regarded obstetrician/gynaecologist looking to specialise in fertility treatment, Melbourne IVF can help you take your practice to the next level and be part of one of the world’s most successful networks group of medical professionals.

We attract leading fertility specialists from around the world, and can help with the establishment of professional consultation suites, staff, IT and management systems, and ensure you have all the accreditations requirements you need require to begin seeing patients.

Some benefits of joining Melbourne IVF include:

  • Expert support with administration, financial management, marketing, procurement and staffing so you can focus solely on your patients
  • The support of other doctors when you need advice, and to minimise disruptions to your patient schedule if you’re away
  • An in-house network of pathology labs and private day hospitals
  • A unique marketing framework that builds your practice for you, creating an immediate new patient flow
  • Better work life balance, with more hours in the day for patient care and further training
  • The chance to become a shareholder of a growing organisation, giving you a valuable nest egg at retirement and a way of planning for succession

Opportunities for Nurses, Scientists & Counsellors

We offer excellent conditions for our nursing and support staff, including:

  • Specialist training and further education,
  • Limited weekend and after-hours schedules,
  • Competitive rates of pay.  

Contact Us

For more information please email Melbourne IVF Human Resources.