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One in six couples experience trouble conceiving, and we are working towards a future where everyone in the community has the opportunity to create a family. Our Fertile Minds blog provides fertility related information authored by our leading minds from across the Virtus Health group. Here you can find the latest research, studies and fertility related information to help you understand fertility - from planning right through to treatment and technologies.

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LGBTQ+ Guide to Fertility

25 February 2021

Fertility and family planning for LGBTQ+ couples. Surrogacy, donor services, trans fertility options.
Dr Bronwyn Devine

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Dr Bronwyn Devine

surrogacy blogpost

3 January 2021

A guide to help you learn more about surrogacy and what the process involves in Australia.
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Virtus Health

same sex couple

17 April 2020

Read IVF Australia's blog to learn about the process of conceiving a baby in a same sex relationship. We are proud supporters of rainbow families.
dr raewyn tierney

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Dr Raewyn Tierney


6 March 2015

We offer comprehensive donor programs that can assist lesbian couples or single women to conceive using donor sperm and support gay couples through surrogacy.
michael chapman

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Prof. Michael Chapman

flower with hands

22 July 2014

Five things you need to know about using donor sperm, eggs and embryos
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Dr Susan Winspear