3 October 2022

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Stepping into IVF: The process before the treatment

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Dr Alice Huang

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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the procedure whereby sperm fertilises eggs in a laboratory, outside of the woman’s body. The fertilised egg (embryo) is allowed to develop in a protected environment for a few days before being put into the woman's uterus, enhancing the likelihood of a pregnancy. 

We provide IVF as a fertility treatment that can overcome several obstacles to fertility. We can bypass blocked tubes and help abnormal sperm function better; it can even assist women who don't have as many eggs or don't ovulate. 

It is a complex fertility treatment that requires a large number of medical and paramedical personnel such as counsellors, nurses, laboratory scientists, and, of course, fertility specialists. We all work together to help you conceive. 

So let’s talk through the process, since it can be helpful to understand before you start your treatment cycle with Melbourne IVF. 

What steps are taken before treatment begins? 

There are several steps that must be completed before beginning IVF. These steps include: 

Step 1: Fertility specialist appointment 

Before we can begin IVF, you will need to see a fertility doctor who will take a complete history of your journey thus far, including how long you've been trying and what has transpired up to this point.  

They will also assess your medical history and order any preliminary tests to ensure that there are no additional factors that may prevent you from becoming pregnant. A treatment strategy will be proposed based on the results. 

Step 2: New patient appointments.  

As a new patient with Melbourne IVF, you can visit the Patient Liaison Administration team in person, or alternatively, your PLA will contact you to arrange your new patient appointments.  

These appointments include: 

  • A new patient appointment with a nurse 
  • Patient Liaison Administration appointment 
  • A counselling appointment 
Step 3: New patient information session with a nurse.

 As a patient, you will be looked after by a team of nurses who will give you personalised care during your treatment. A nurse will explain how an IVF treatment cycle works during the new patient information session. They will educate you on how to give the injections and drugs and will go over the IVF procedure schedule with you. 

Step 4: Patient Liaison Administrator appointment 

Our Patient Liaison Administration team is available to assist you in understanding the administrative processes required to begin your treatment, such as outlining treatment costs and any potential Medicare rebates and making the process as easy and clear as possible. 

Your Patient Liaison Administrator will organise all of your appointments and will act as a coordinator between you and your fertility specialist, nursing, counselling, and accounting departments. They will offer you up-to-date fee information and also answer any queries you may have. 

Step 5: Mandatory counselling session 

At Melbourne IVF, we make certain that everyone seeking IVF treatment has a session with one of our counsellors. Our fertility counsellors are social workers and psychologists who bring a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience to their work. They specialise in fertility treatments to assist our patients in understanding what is about to happen and the implications, as well as to assist the individual/s in acquiring more skills to help them cope with the stresses that they may face during the treatment. 

The session will assist you in: 

  • Ensuring you comprehend the medical advice you've been given. 
  • Recognise the psychological and ethical consequences of treatment, as well as your rights and obligations and any legal ramifications. 
  • Consider and investigate any difficulties that may have an influence on your therapy. 
  • Clarify any information that is unclear to you. 
  • Examine probable sources of stress and examine techniques for dealing with them. 

How long does the IVF process take? 

This entire procedure takes take 4-6 weeks to complete, but once completed, you should be ready to begin your IVF treatment and can schedule it with your fertility specialist. Depending on your individual circumstances, treatment begins on the first day of your period, but at Melbourne IVF, the patient has total control over when their treatment begins.  

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