Antioxidant Trial

Melbourne IVF remains highly motivated in performing extensive research into the best approach to culturing human embryos outside the body. This includes the development of media to ensure the most optimal culture conditions for embryos.

The in-vivo environment is much more diverse than our culture media and includes numerous substances. One such group of substances found native in our bodies are antioxidants. The function of antioxidants is to protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage often created by reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Recent studies performed in both the mouse model and in humans have shown a clear benefit of using antioxidants (Carnitine, Acetyl 15 and Alpha Lipoic Acid) on embryo development as well as implantation potential and fetal growth. Consequently, Melbourne IVF want to investigate, in a larger group, if the inclusion of antioxidants in culture favours better embryo development and pregnancy outcome in human IVF.

Through its randomised trial, Melbourne IVF will investigate the combination of these three antioxidants in embryo development in human IVF.

The study will be conducted in the controlled laboratory environment at Melbourne IVF from December 2018 until November 2019, utilising the latest in time-lapse EmbryoScope monitoring system.

The trial, led by the world –renowned scientist in human reproduction, Professor David Gardner, commences in December 2018. The research enables Melbourne IVF embryologists to compare and assess embryo development in standard culture media versus culture media supplemented with antioxidants.

Participation in the randomised trial involves patients agreeing to scientists culturing their embryos in either standard culture media or culture media supplemented with antioxidants. The trial is only available to Melbourne IVF patients who are undergoing IVF or ICSI treatment.

If you are interested in participating, or would like to know more about this study, please speak with your doctor or contact our research team at [email protected]