A pilot study investigating a novel particle-based growth factor delivery system for preimplantation embryo culture

Understanding early embryo development is key to learning how to optimize embryo growth and improve pregnancy rates. Research recently published in Human Reproduction by our Scientific Director, Professor David Gardner and his team, has demonstrated that it is possible to modify the delivery of stimulatory factors with the use of tiny particles to carry targeted doses of growth factors directly to the developing embryo in the mouse model.

These growth factors would otherwise be unstable and not available for uptake by the embryo. Using nanoparticles as a method to transport these nutrients mimics what happens in the in-utero environment. This discovery is a step forward in being able to dynamically change the environment around the growing embryo in the laboratory, depending on its needs.

Further work by Professor Gardner and his team at Melbourne IVF and the University of Melbourne is needed before this technology can be applied clinically.

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