21 April 2020

Melbourne IVF welcomes the lifting of the IVF ban

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Melbourne IVF

Melbourne IVF supports the Government’s decision to lift the temporary suspension of certain elective surgeries including IVF.

Dr Lyndon Hale, Medical Director at Melbourne IVF, said the resumption is good news for women and couples that need assistance in order to conceive, particularly older women or those who have a reduced egg reserve.

“We are pleased IVF patients and their desire to have a family over the next six months hasn’t been forgotten.

“Our patients have been telling us that although they are concerned with the pandemic, they still want to have a baby and they don’t want to wait until the pandemic is over.

“The ban has been distressing for some women and couples who saw a delay to their treatment as the end of their chance to ever have a child.

“We recognise the severity of the pandemic but we are also encouraged that the infection curve has flattened, we believe it is the right time to resume fertility treatment for our patients,” said Dr Lyndon Hale.

“The community was asked to follow social distancing measures to help flatten the infection curve, and the community is succeeding in making this work, the daily infection rate is stabilising.

“But we know without a vaccine or medicines to treat or prevent the virus we may need to live with physical distancing measures for the next six to 18 months. So we are pleased with this first step to see us come out of the suspension.

“When the restrictions were put in place, we supported this decision to help prepare the Australian healthcare system for critically ill COVID-19 patients and preserve personal protection equipment (PPE) such as masks.

“But now we feel the time is right to resume treatment. At Melbourne IVF we have an adequate supply of masks and protective equipment for staff to carry out the non-aerosol generating IVF procedures. This means we will not be compromising the high risk PPE supply which is required by hospital staff treating COVID-19 patients in ICU,” said Dr Lyndon Hale.

Patient safety at Melbourne IVF is our priority, we have implemented physical distancing protocols including telehealth appointments and we’ve made changes to minimise waiting room congestion. 

Patients will be COVID-19 tested where appropriate, as advised by their fertility specialist. We have also heightened our already strict infection control protocols:

  • temperature checking for everyone, including doctors and staff entering our premises;
  • hand sanitisation before and after contact with our patients;
  • washing down all surfaces between patients with disinfectants.

Dr Lyndon Hale said the lifting of the elective surgery ban also means gynaecological surgery for painful conditions such as endometriosis could resume, helping improve pain control and fertility.

“We look forward to resuming IVF. We are ready to start,” said Dr Hale.

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