15 November 2016

Melbourne IVF welcomes ACCC involvement in ensuring information for IVF patients is clear

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Melbourne IVF

Melbourne IVF, as part of Australia’s leading group of fertility clinics, welcomes and supports the ACCC’s review of information provided by Australian fertility clinics on IVF success rates.

The ACCC wrote to fertility clinics across the country asking for a review of website content to ensure consumer understanding as there was a diverse way results were presented. ‎

IVF is a technically complex medical treatment‎.  Virtus believes that it is important to provide consumers with information about IVF success rates. We have taken the opportunity to review the content of all our websites to ensure that any discussion of success rates appears beside clear explanations of the IVF cycle and what each statistic means.  We are confident that we satisfy and are compliant with ACCC requirements presenting information in clear language for consumer understanding. We believe Virtus leads the market in the way in which it presents this data.‎

Our fertility specialists and scientific teams understand the importance of ensuring patients have access to clear and accurate information. Fertility treatment like other complex healthcare services requires information to be delivered simply and clearly to patients and consumers who have no prior knowledge of the area of medicine.

Fertility specialists, like all medical specialists take very personally the importance of providing each and every patient with accurate information about their medical circumstances so they can make an informed decision regarding treatment.  Information available on websites is no substitute for a personal medical assessment, diagnosis and treatment recommendation. However, in today’s digital age websites can be very helpful to consumers so please see our link.

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