13 September 2021

Important updates to our patient care due to COVID-19

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In response to the escalating situation in Victoria and to ensure your safety and that of our teams, we are modifying our work process across a few areas to ensure we continue to maintain optimal support and care for all our patients.

  1. Online/virtual nursing care. All consultation support from our nursing teams will be available to you via phone or video.  Please continue to contact our nurses via phone (Phone 03 9473 4444) or email your nursing team directly for any support. Please be assured, we are always available for a face-to-face consultation should you need this (e.g., help with administering your medication). 
  2. Pharmacy services. To avoid crowding and to ensure efficient use of your time, please phone our pharmacy on 03 9473 4590 in advance to arrange your medication, make payment and nominate a collection time. 
  3. Limiting visitors. We also remind our patients that children and support persons are not permitted on site at this time. We know this is difficult, but it is very important that we limit traffic within the premise. 
  4. Your doctor. Be assured, your treating doctor is here to support and care for you. However, there may be instances where our doctors work in teams to undertake certain procedures to ensure continuity of optimal and safe care for our patients. You will be notified if this were to occur.
  5. Final Reminder. Please make sure you scan the QR code when entering our premises, utilise our hand sanitisers and always maintain social distancing.

We understand this is challenging for everyone and are working hard to ensure your safety and care always remains our priority. We are very grateful for your ongoing cooperation and understanding. Please do not hesitate to speak with our team if you need any further support.

Yours Sincerely,

The Melbourne IVF Team

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