2 March 2015

Contact with anonymous sperm donors - ABC Australian Story

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Tonight’s edition of ABC’s Australian Story - How I met my daughter – featured Melbourne IVF patient Kerrie Hancox who after the death of her partner underwent treatment using an anonymous sperm donor resulting in the birth of her first child.

After the birth of her daughter, Kerrie requested the contact information of her anonymous sperm donor from Melbourne IVF. This was provided following appropriate counselling and consent from the donor, after which time they met and subsequently formed a relationship. They then went on to have a child together through natural conception and are seeking to make him the legal father of Kerrie’s first child as a result of his sperm donation.

“We recognise that human relationships are complex and that the likelihood of a relationship forming between a patient and her anonymous sperm donor is unlikely. In this instance, Kerrie requested the contact details of her anonymous sperm donor and identification information was provided with the reciprocated consent of both parties.“

"In circumstances where contact information has been provided we have found that contact between the sperm donor and recipient has been positive and rewarding for both parties” said Dr Lyndon Hale, Medical Director Melbourne IVF.

Sperm donor recipients have the option to request identifying information about their donor prior to the donor conceived child turning 18 years of age, and identifying information can only be granted with the donor’s consent.

When a donor-conceived person turns 18 they may request identifying details of their donor from the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, who maintain a central register which is a permanent record of all donors and recipients involved in donor births.

For more information about the registry please visit the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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