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    COVID-19 Vaccinations for pregnant women

    RANZCOG and ATAGI have released a joint statement recommending that pregnant women are routinely offered Pfizer mRNA vaccine (Cominarty) at any stage of pregnancy. Read full statement here.

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    COVID-19 Update - Testing Requirements

    In response to our rising case numbers in Victoria, we have implemented additional testing/screening measures. Please visit the link below to see important updates to our patient care.

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  • fertility preservation

    Fertility Preservation

    Learn more about our trusted fertility preservation programme, for those who need or want to protect and preserve their fertility for the future.

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    Let’s write your success story together

    Fertility is a personal journey. We're here for every patient, every day.

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  • Couple using zoom consultation

    Online and phone consultations available

    Our team is here for you with online consultations with fertility specialists, nurses and counsellors.

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  • Embryoscope creating success

    Ivy artificial intelligence is here

    Ivy AI, pioneered by Virtus Health, helps to select the best embryo to help you get pregnant.

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  • Sperm Donors Wanted

    Sperm donors come in all shapes and sizes

    There are people out there who need your help to start a family! Contact us today to help someone realise their dreams of parenthood.

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same sex couples

If you are in a same sex relationship and want to start a family, Melbourne IVF offers a comprehensive and supportive donor programme to assist you.

Your IVF success

Melbourne IVF’s 2019 Success Rate data is now available. Click here to learn more and view our guides for understanding IVF success rates.

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Research is a key focus for Melbourne IVF and integral to improving patient care and IVF success rates.

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We've partnered with Mamamia to create a series of compelling and informative fertility podcasts to help you on your fertility journey. And there are new episodes dropping this August! 

Mens corner

Conceiving a healthy baby depends on a number of factors, including healthy sperm. In fact, male infertility is the second biggest issue after a woman’s age so it’s important to understand how the male reproductive system works.