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The Melbourne IVF Patient Portal is exclusively made available to Melbourne IVF patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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This section of the Melbourne IVF website is made exclusively available to GPs, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

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Meet the Specialists

The Melbourne IVF fertility specialist and scientific teams are nationally and internationally recognised as leaders in the field of reproductive medicine. In these videos, our fertility specialists will share with you their expert fertility advice, approach to fertility treatment or area of reproductive expertise. This is an excellent way to meet our Doctors before your first consultation. Simply choose a video of interest to you and start watching. We’ll also make related video recommendations based on fertility specialists that practise at the same location as the one you chose.
To meet more Melbourne IVF fertility specialists, please visit our Doctors page...

A/Prof John McBain

A true pioneer in infertility, A/Prof John McBain is one of the most experienced fertility specialists in the world.

Dr Melissa Cameron

Dr Melissa Cameron specialises in advanced laparoscopic & hysteroscopic surgery, with interest in donor patients

Dr Michael Gronow

One of our senior fertility specialists, Dr Michael Gronow is renowned for going above and beyond for his patients.

Dr Kokum Jayasinghe

Dr Kokum Jayasinghe specialises in all areas of infertility, with an interest in endocrinology and PCOS.

Dr Jim Tsaltas

Dr Jim Tsaltas is a highly-regarded advanced laparoscopic surgeon with a personal approach.

Dr Wan Tinn Teh

Dr Wan Tinn Teh is dedicated to helping couples with challenging fertility and reproductive endocrinology problems.

Dr Joseph Sgroi

Dr Joseph Sgroi is a fertility specialist supporting couples in all aspects of female and male infertility, includin

Dr Julianne Cameron

Dr Julianne Cameron is a gynaecologist and obstetrician specialising in fertility, recurrent miscarriage and fertili

Dr Eleanor Egan

Dr Eleanor Egan is a gynaecologist and obstetrician specialising in Pre-pregnancy Management, Infertility & Recu

Dr Manuela Toledo

Manuela is interested in all aspects of infertility and has a special interest in fertility preservation and compleme

Dr Raelia Lew

Dr Raelia Lew has a special interest in Egg Freezing, PCOS and Genetic Screening.

Dr Tom Manley

Dr Tom Manley is a leading surgical gynaecologist, with a flexible, friendly and down to earth approach to patient ca

Dr Julie Whitehead

Having worked with Melbourne IVF for more than 10 years, Dr Julie Whitehead manages all types of infertility, with a

Dr Alex Polyakov

With a flexible approach from conception to delivery, Dr Alex Polyakov is an expert in all aspects of infertility.

About Melbourne IVF

Melbourne IVF is a leading centre for IVF and fertility treatment in Victoria.

Dr Sam Soo

Dr Sam Soo is an understanding doctor who cares for his patients throughout their fertility and pregnancy journey.

Dr Alice Huang

Dr Alice Huang is a gynaecologist specialising in fertility, reproductive endocrinology & fertility preservation

Dr Chandrika Parmar

Dr Chandrika Parmar is experienced in all aspects of infertility.

Dr Haider Najjar

Dr Haider Najjar, is a highly regarded fertility specialist with a special interest in advanced laparoscopic surgery

Dr Hossam Elzeiny

Dr Hossam Elzeiny is a reproductive endocrinologist, gynaecologist & infertility specialist.

Dr Karen Paice

Dr Karen Paice, is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, specialising in fertility and IVF.

A/Prof Kate Stern

Associate Professor Kate Stern holds the highest qualification in fertility & is Head of the Fertility Preservat

Dr Lyndon Hale

Dr Lyndon Hale is the Medical Director at Melbourne IVF and a strong patient advocate.

Dr Myran Ponnam-Palam

Dr Myran Ponnam-Palam is a Specialist with broad-ranging experience in male and female infertility.

Dr Rachael Knight

Dr Rachael Knight is a consultant gynaecologist and infertility specialist specialising in PCOS.

Dr Scott Pearce

Dr Scott Pearce is a fertility expert specialising in Infertility, Gynaecology, Endoscopic Surgery & Obstetrics.

Dr Weng Chan

Dr Weng Chan is a gynaecologist specialising in obstetrics, laparoscopic surgery and infertility.

Dr Fleur Cattrall

Dr Fleur Cattrall specialises in IVF, endometriosis, male infertility, PCOS and age-related infertility.

Dr Genia Rozen

Caring and dedicated, Genia specialises in reproductive endocrinology and fertility preservation.

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