Dr Genia Rozen

Dr Genia Rozen


Supportive, thorough and approachable

Advanced maternal age / Andrology / Donor / Egg Freezing / Fertility Preservation / Genetic Testing / Gynaecology / IVF & Infertility / Laparoscopic Surgery / Male Infertility / PCOS / Recurrent Miscarriage / Second Opinion / Single women and same sex couples / Surrogacy

Caring and dedicated, Dr Rozen specialises in fertility and reproductive endocrinology.

Genia is a consultant Gynaecologist specialising in fertility, reproductive endocrinology and fertility preservation.

After completing her undergraduate medical and surgical training at Monash University with Honours, she went on to train in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. She completed the Masters of Reproductive Medicine at University of New South Wales in 2014 and undertook a further two years of specialising in Infertility and Reproductive Medicine, at Royal Women’s Hospital.

Genia is actively involved in the Fertility Preservation Service at Melbourne IVF and Royal Women’s Hospital, presenting research at both local and international conferences. Dedicated to the field of reproductive medicine, she is also undertaking a PhD aimed at helping women to conceive following cancer treatment. In 2015, she was awarded the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Scholarship to investigate uterine fitness for pregnancy following pelvic or total body radiation treatment.

Genia is genuinely caring and dedicated to patient care. She combines her passion for research and clinical excellence to ensure that every patient is given the best chance of having a family. Her speciality areas of interest include IVFmedical egg/embryo/ovarian tissue freezingPCOS, and reproductive surgery.

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