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Raising money for Ovarian Cancer Research

February was National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and during this month we supported the Women’s Cancer Foundation, an organisation which raises funds for researchers looking for more effective ways to treat and care for women suffering with ovarian cancer. 
In February, we ran a campaign asking people to 'like' our Facebook page. For every new 'like' in the month of February we committed to donating $2 towards the Women's Cancer Foundation.  We are pleased to announce we raised a total of $1,500, with Melbourne IVF contributing an additional $1,500, all for a good cause!  Thank you to everyone who ‘liked’ our page during this month. 
In addition, each month Melbourne IVF staff raise funds for charities through our casual dress Fridays.  In the month of February Melbourne IVF staff raised $196.45 for the casual dress day.  Thank you to all staff who contributed to this worthy cause.

How do I get involved?

To continue raising awareness for research into ovarian cancer, you can donate directly to the Women's Cancer Foundation here: http://www.womenscancerfoundation.org.au/donate

Why ovarian cancer research?

Many treatments for cancer carry particular risks to future fertility which could result in infertility. At Melbourne IVF we have a fertility preservation service designed to protect and preserve your fertility for the future.
Melbourne IVF has been involved in extensive research for more than 10 years on ways to protect and preserve fertility in women and men who need treatment for cancer, with cancer specialists and the Reproductive Services Unit at the Royal Women's Hospital.
We are currently developing new ways to help protect fertility during chemotherapy or other therapies that can affect the reproductive organs. Our research also focuses on techniques to preserve mature eggs, or ovarian tissue (through a procedure known as Ovarian Tissue Grafting), before chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. This research was the first of its kind in Australia, and provides leadership and expertise to other clinics around the country.

What is ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that begins in a woman’s ovaries. Some of the cells in one or both ovaries start to grow abnormally and develop into cancer.
Around 90 per cent of ovarian cancers start on the outer covering of the ovary. This is known as epithelial ovarian cancer. Whilst only 1400 women will be diagnosed with this disease every year, more than 900 of these women will die.
The Women’s Cancer Foundation needs your help to reverse these numbers, and to give those suffering with ovarian cancer a better quality of life.
If you wish to donate directly to the Women’s Cancer Foundation, please visit their website donation page - http://www.womenscancerfoundation.org.au/donate

More information about the Melbourne IVF Fertiilty Preservation Program

Melbourne IVF is recognised internationally for our research into fertility preservation. We provide a fertility preservation program for men and women for both medical and social reasons.  Read more about our program here.
You can also watch Dr Kate Stern, Head of the Fertility Preservation Service at Melbourne IVF and the Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, speak about the program here in our Fertility Preservation video.
If you are interested in reading more about a key area of Dr Stern's research into ovarian tissue grafting, check out her latest blog post.  Dr Stern was also recently interviewed by 60 Minutes on this very topic - you can access the full transcript here

Melbourne IVF Leaders in Research & Development

Because Melbourne IVF cares for patients with wide-ranging fertility needs and challenges, we have the scope to develop clinically and scientifically relevant research projects, and conduct clinical trials to evaluate and implement our latest scientific technologies. Melbourne IVF has forged important links with key collaborators in The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The University of Melbourne, The Jean Hailes Foundation and The Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, among others.
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