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Published IVF Research

Melbourne IVF doctors and scientists have made a considerable contribution to IVF and assisted reproductive technology (ART) research in Melbourne, Australia and internationally.

As a member of Virtus Health we have access to research from across Australia. Find out more about Virtus Health Published Research.

The most recently published Melbourne IVF research papers include:

Prevalence and distribution of unintended pregnancy: the Understanding Fertility Management in Australia National Survey.

Aust N Z J Public Health
Rowe H, Holton S, Kirkman M, Bayly C, Jordan L, McNamee K, McBain J, Sinnott V and Fisher J.
40: 104-109

Long-acting reversible contraception: Findings from the Understanding Fertility Management in Contemporary Australia survey.

Eur J Contracept Reprod Health Care
Holton S, Rowe H, Kirkman M, Jordan L, McNamee K, Bayly C, McBain J, Sinnott V and Fisher J.
21: 116-131

Barriers to Managing Fertility: Findings From the Understanding Fertility Management in Contemporary Australia Facebook Discussion Group.

Interact J Med Res
Holton S, Rowe H, Kirkman M, Jordan L, McNamee K, Bayly C, McBain J, Sinnott V and Fisher J.
5: e7

Utilizing the Experience of Consumers in Consultation to Develop the Australasian Oncofertility Consortium Charter.

J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol
Anazodo AC, Gerstl B, Stern CJ, McLachlan RI, Agresta F, Jayasinghe Y, Cohn RJ, Wakefield CE, Chapman M, Ledger W and Sullivan EA.

A Study Protocol for the Australasian Oncofertility Registry: Monitoring Referral Patterns and the Uptake, Quality, and Complications of Fertility Preservation Strategies in Australia and New Zealand.

J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol
Anazodo AC, Stern CJ, McLachlan RI, Gerstl B, Agresta F, Cohn RJ, Jayasinghe Y, Wakefield CE, Daly G, Chan D, Gilbert L, Kemertzis M, Orme LM, Wand H, Viney R, Gillam L, Deans R, Jetti M, Wu J, Chapman M, Ledger W and Sullivan EA.

Anti-Mullerian hormone serum concentrations of women with germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations.

Hum Reprod
Phillips KA, Collins IM, Milne RL, McLachlan SA, Friedlander M, Hickey M, Stern C, Hopper JL, Fisher R, Kannemeyer G, Picken S, Smith CD, Kelsey TW, Anderson RA and Kathleen Cuningham Consortium for Research into Familial Breast C.
31: 1126-1132

Fertility in pre-menopausal women post autologous stem cell transplant with BEAM conditioning.

Eur J Haematol
Lasica M, Taylor E, Bhattacharyya P, Bennett A, Cooke RE, Stern C, Agresta F, Ayton R and Grigg A.

Improving fertility preservation for girls and women by coupling oocyte in vitro maturation with existing strategies.

Womens Health (Lond)
Wang X, Gook DA, Walters KA, Anazodo A, Ledger WL and Gilchrist RB.
12: 275-278

Creating a Global Community of Practice for Oncofertility.

Ataman LM, Rodrigues JK, Marinho RM, Caetano JP, Chehin MB, Alves da Motta EL, Serafini P, Suzuki N, Furui T, Takae S, Sugishita Y, Morishige KI, Almeida-Santos T, Melo C, Buzaglo K, Irwin K, Wallace WH, Anderson RA, Mitchell RT, Telfer EE, Adiga SK, Anazodo A, Stern C, Sullivan E, Jayasinghe Y, Orme L, Cohn R, McLachlan R, Deans R, Agresta F, Gerstl B, Ledger WL, Robker RL, de Meneses ESJM, Silva LH, Lunardi FO, Lee JR, Suh CS, De Vos M, Van Moer E, Stoop D, Vloeberghs V, Smitz J, Tournaye H, Wildt L, Winkler-Crepaz K, Andersen CY, Smith BM, Smith K and Woodruff TK.

J Glob Oncol
2: 83-96

Maternal vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy prevents vitamin D deficiency in the newborn: an open-label randomized controlled trial.

Clinical Endocrinology
Rodda CP, Benson JE, Vincent AJ, Whitehead CL, Polyakov A and Vollenhoven B.
83: 363-368

Clinical outcomes following cryopreservation of blastocysts by vitrification or slow freezing: a population-based cohort study.

Human Reproduction
Li Z, Wang YA, Ledger W, Edgar DH and Sullivan EA.
29: 2794-2801.

Genome-wide karyomapping accurately identifies the inheritance of single-gene defects in human preimplantation embryos in vitro.

Genet Med
Natesan SA, Bladon AJ, Coskun S, Qubbaj W, Prates R, Munne S, Coonen E, Dreesen JC, Stevens SJ, Paulussen AD, Stock-Myer SE, Wilton LJ, Jaroudi S, Wells D, Brown AP and Handyside AH.
16: 838-845.

A randomised controlled trial of intra-uterine insemination versus in vitro fertilisation in patients with idiopathic or mild male infertility.

Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol
Elzeiny H, Garrett C, Toledo M, Stern K, McBain J and Baker HWG.
54: 156-161.

Comparing indicators of health and development of singleton young adults conceived with and without assisted reproductive technology.

Fertility and Sterility
Halliday J, Wilson C, Hammarberg K, Doyle LW, Bruinsma F, McLachlan R, McBain J, Berg T, Fisher JR and Amor D.
101: 1055-1063.

Women's reflections on fertility and motherhood after breast cancer and its treatment.

Eur J Cancer Care (Engl)
Kirkman M, Winship I, Stern C, Neil S, Mann GB and Fisher JR.
23: 502-513.

Delivery of twins following heterotopic grafting of frozen-thawed ovarian tissue.

Human Reproduction
Stern CJ, Gook D, Hale LG, Agresta F, Oldham J, Rozen G and Jobling T.
29: 1828.

Impact of oxygen concentration on adult murine pre-antral follicle development in vitro and the corresponding metabolic profile.

Mol Hum Reprod
Gook DA, Edgar DH, Lewis K, Sheedy JR and Gardner DK.
20: 31-41.

The Impact of Uterine Radiation on Subsequent Fertility and Pregnancy Outcomes.

Biomed Res Int
Teh WT, Stern C, Chander S and Hickey M.

Motivations and experiences of patients seeking cross-border reproductive care: the Australian and New Zealand context.

Fertility and Sterility
Rodino IS, Goedeke S and Nowoweiski S.
102: 1422-1431.

The clinical effectiveness of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy in all 24 chromosomes (PGD-A): systematic review.

Human Reproduction
Lee E, Illingworth P, Wilton L and Chambers GM.

Which women develop urgency or urgency urinary incontinence following midurethral slings?

Int Urogynecol J.
Lee JK, Dwyer PL, Rosamilia A, Lim YN, Polyakov A, Stav K

Clinical value of sperm DNA damage should be assessed in motile sperm fraction rather than whole ejaculated sperm

Fertility and Sterility
Liu DY, Liu ML.