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Using Donor Sperm for IVF

Using donor sperm and embryo transfer for a same-sex couple

For same-sex couples, or for single women, IVF treatment with donor sperm is the only way they can create a family of their own. There are many considerations involved.

Using Donor Sperm for IVF

Michelle is 34 and Lisa is 36, and they have been in a relationship together for five years. They have had previous unsuccessful treatment with donor sperm.

They have both always known they wanted children, and they have decided Lisa be the birth mother. They make an appointment with a Melbourne IVF Fertility Specialist to discuss their situation.

They decide to proceed with treatment, and the Patient Liaison Administrator arranges an appointment with the Donor Team to begin the process. During counselling, and after discussing the implications with some close friends, they decide to use a clinic recruited sperm donor (that is, the sperm donor is provided by the IVF clinic).

Fertility treatment considerations

Same-sex female couples will need donor sperm to conceive their baby, and they can decide whether they want to ask a friend to help them by donating sperm, or use a clinic-recruited donor. They will need at least two counselling sessions as part of the process. The decision to use a sperm donor has many implications, and you can read more about these on our donor program pages.

Lisa and Michelle’s specialist explains they can expect up to an 80% chance of falling pregnant within three stimulated IVF cycles, using fresh and frozen embryos.

They have an appointment with the fertility nurse to discuss all details of their upcoming treatment. They then choose from a series of sperm donor profiles, and Lisa begins her first cycle of IVF treatment.

Lisa’s eggs are collected in a simple procedure at East Melbourne Day Hospital, and are then fertilised with the donor sperm. The resulting embryo is then placed back into Lisa’s uterus two days later, in a procedure called an embryo transfer, at the same day hospital.

Two weeks later Lisa has a pregnancy test at her nearest Melbourne IVF clinic, and the results are positive. She and Michelle are now on their journey to parenthood together.

Typical costs for IVF using donor sperm

For one cycle, using clinic-recruited donor sperm for your IVF treatment typically costs $4,442 (out of pocket) for one treatment with private health insurance and $4,703 (out of pocket) without. This covers medication and the treatment itself.

The out of pocket costs are based on the assumption that the private health insurance covers egg collection and embryo transfer procedures, and that one straw of donor sperm will be used.

Your costs will vary, depending on your treatment plan, your Medicare safety net and your health insurance fund. If you would like to find out more, talk with our Community Liaison Administrator by calling 1800 111 483.

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