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Research Team

Investing in the future of reproductive medicine

Unlike many other fertility clinics, Melbourne IVF has its own advanced clinical and laboratory-based scientific research facilities. Melbourne IVF is therefore able to contribute significantly to international research efforts and to the scientific research literature. Our scientists and researchers are recognised as making a substantial impact in the international research community, particularly in the areas of:

  1. Embryo health and pregnancy potential,
  2. Genetic assessment of embryo normality,
  3. Freezing programs, and
  4. Fertility preservation

As a fertility clinic which cares for patients with wide-ranging fertility needs and challenges, Melbourne IVF has the scope to develop clinically and scientifically relevant research projects, and conduct clinical trials to evaluate and implement our latest scientific technologies. Melbourne IVF has forged important links with key collaborators in The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The University of Melbourne, The Jean Hailes Foundation and The Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, among others. Because of our well-resourced and highly dynamic research department, we are offered many opportunities to partner with other groups around the world in large-scale, multi-centred research studies evaluating new fertility approaches and therapies.

Our current areas of research include:

  • Fertility protection and preservation (in oncology care and where medical treatment for other diagnoses can compromise fertility),
  • Ovarian tissue grafting,
  • Endocrine and metabolic research,
  • Egg (oocyte) freezing,
  • Sperm function,
  • Identifying the best potential embryos,
  • Genetics and molecular research,
  • Psychosocial and epidemiological research,
  • Endometrial receptivity,
  • Clinical trials in various areas.

Find out more about our current clinical research projects...

Research at Melbourne IVF

Research is a key focus for Melbourne IVF and integral to improving patient care and IVF success rates.

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The Research Team at Melbourne IVF

Franca Agresta is Melbourne IVF’s Clinical Research Manager and has more than 16 years experience in research, where laboratory and basic science research has evolved into the initiation and coordination of various clinical trials. Franca and her team are actively involved in various research projects, both investigator-initiated trials and in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. Her ICH-GCP training ensures that clinical research conducted at Melbourne IVF is of high quality and compliant. Her role also involves encouraging and facilitating new research across the various disciplines within the organisation and collaborating with universities and various research institutes.

Franca co-ordinates the Fertility Preservation Program at Melbourne IVF; the largest of its kind in Australia, and is part of a management team who is developing the very first Australian and New Zealand Fertility Preservation Database. She is also the secretary of the newly formed Medical Preservation of Fertility Special Interest Group at the Fertility Society of Australia.

To find out more, contact our Research Team on (03) 9473 4569 or (03) 9473 4570

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