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The Melbourne IVF Patient Portal is exclusively made available to Melbourne IVF patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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IVF Clinic Parkville (The Women's)

Melbourne IVF has a long-standing relationship with The Royal Women’s Hospital in Parkville, providing fertility treatment services through the Reproductive Services Unit on the 2nd Floor of the hospital.

Some of the Melbourne IVF founding members, the late Ian Johnston and current Melbourne IVF Director, Associate Professor John McBain, AO were part of the original team at the Women’s Hospital involved in the conception and birth of Candice Reed, Australia’s first IVF baby in 1980.

When undergoing IVF treatment at Reproductive Services, your treatment will be performed and managed by the Melbourne IVF fertility specialist or registrar rostered for that day.

There are some variations to the cost of pre-treatment expenses and day hospital procedures. Contact our Community Liaison Administrator for further information on 1800 111 483.

Contacting our Parkville Clinic

  • If you are getting in touch for the first time, and have a general enquiry, please call 1800 111 483.
  • To arrange to see a fertility specialist, please call (03) 8345 3200.
  • To speak with a nurse, counsellor or patient liaison administrator, please call (03) 9473 4444.

Doctors from this practice

Dr Fleur Cattrall

Experienced, caring and understanding, Fleur also holds a CREI subspecialty and is widely published.

Dr Eleanor Egan

An attentive and caring approach from conception to birth, treating women with recurrent miscarriage and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Dr Hossam Elzeiny

An experienced, thorough and compassionate approach to his patients, Dr Elzeiny is a highly regarded CREI subspecialist.

Dr Greg Fox

A consultant gynaecologist at The Women’s Hospital providing locum support for Melbourne IVF fertility specialists.

Dr Michael Gronow

As one of our most senior fertility specialists, Dr Gronow is renowned for going above and beyond for his patients.

Dr Lyndon Hale

As Melbourne IVF's Medical Director, Lyndon is a highly skilled fertility specialist committed to patient advocacy.

Dr Alice Huang

Alice is well known for providing professional care with integrity and compassion for all patients.

Dr Raelia Lew

Skill, compassion and committed to excellence with a special interest in Egg Freezing, PCOS and Genetic Screening.

John McBain

Highly experienced, thorough and compassionate, John is a true IVF pioneer and campaigner.

Dr Chandrika Parmar

Experienced and caring, with special interests in male infertility, PCOS, surrogacy and fertility preservation.

Kate Stern

Head of Fertility Preservation at Melbourne IVF & the Women's, Kate is passionate about IVF & fertility preservation.

Dr Julie Whitehead

With an interest in fertility preservation and PCOS, Julie has worked with Melbourne IVF for more than 10 years.

Dr Genia Rozen

Caring and dedicated, Genia specialises in fertility, reproductive endocrinology and fertility preservation.

Dr Wan Tinn Teh

Wan has a special interest in helping couples with challenging fertility and reproductive endocrinology problems.

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