Without the very special women who donate their eggs, some people would never have the opportunity to experience pregnancy and parenthood. Becoming an egg donor could be one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions you’ll ever make and we thank you for considering it.

Who can be an egg donor?

Egg donors recruited by Melbourne IVF are normally aged 25-33 and healthy. Potential donors will be screened to determine suitability before commencing the donation cycle.

How do you donate eggs?

An egg donor is required to undergo an IVF cycle to facilitate the collection of her eggs, which will then be fertilised and transferred to the recipient. This requires medication to stimulate the ovaries to produce an optimum number of eggs. Blood test and ultrasounds are used to monitor your progress and alert us to collect the eggs just prior to ovulation. The egg collection is done in a day surgery using a light general anaesthetic.

Who needs donor eggs?

Women who do not produce eggs or cannot use the eggs they produce will need eggs donated from another woman to achieve a pregnancy.

This could be for a multitude of reasons including:

  • premature menopause
  • risk of passing on a genetic condition
  • chemotherapy or illness that has affected ovarian function;
  • repeated IVF failures indicating poor egg quality

Can you be paid to be an egg donor?

In Australia it is illegal to buy or sell human tissue, including sperm, eggs and embryos. However, egg donors can be reimbursed for expenses related to the egg donation process. Egg donors recruited by Melbourne IVF will have expenses related to their donation process reimbursed. All out of pocket medical expenses are paid for by the recipient.

Can I be an anonymous egg donor?

While your identity can remain unknown to the recipient at time of treatment, under current Victorian legislation, the donor must give explicit consent to Melbourne IVF providing identifying information to The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority upon the birth of a donor conceived child. When the child is aged 18 they will be able to access this information, or in some circumstances under 18, if the child is considered sufficiently mature to understand the consequences of disclosure. Recipients can also request your identifying information but this will only be provided with you consent. Your Melbourne IVF counsellor will explain this  in further detail should you wish to proceed as a donor.

Can I choose my recipient?

Recipients are given access to a secure website where they can view the profiles of Melbourne IVF egg donors.

Melbourne IVF’s program will allow for various levels of contact between donors and recipients. You can choose which level of contact you would like to have with potential recipients.

Hear from an egg donor

How do I become an egg donor?

Complete the form to receive more information or call 1800 111 483 for a private and confidential chat with our donor team.