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As pioneers in IVF, Melbourne IVF is one of the world’s leading centres for fertility treatment, at the forefront of research, technology and teaching, with specialists from across Australia and the world visiting our centre to learn and share ideas. 

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17 November 2014

Virtus health has introduced karyonapping, a genetic test to improve outcomes for IVF patients.

11 November 2014

Melbourne IVF are recruiting American sperm donors through a U.S. based sperm bank, aiming to import donor sperm to Victoria to meet the demand from patients.

16 October 2014

Leading fertility provider Virtus Health comments on employers offering egg freezing for female staff

8 September 2014

There are many roads to fatherhood and on a day of gift-giving, fertility experts would like Australian men to think about parting with something precious.

6 August 2014

Virtus Health calls for a review of the timing of contractual surrogacy in Australia

7 July 2014

Time-lapse imaging identifies enhanced developmental potential in IVF embryos

2 July 2014

New study aiming to explore the experiences of women who have frozen their eggs for non-medical reasons. 

25 May 2014

National survey reveals the lack of fertility knowledge around age and it's impact on women's fertility and chance of IVF success.

23 April 2014

Hope for cancer patients - National Fertility Preservation database launched

20 February 2014

Breakthrough study into effects of ART has found adults conceived through IVF have grown up as healthy individuals comparing well to their spontaneously peers

10 January 2014

Recent Australian study on the health of children conceived through IVF and ICSI.

22 October 2013

Clarification on the cost of IVF treatment

2 September 2013

Melbourne IVF announced the world’s first pregnancy from ovarian tissue grafted in the anterior abdominal wall of a Victorian woman

30 August 2013

Headlines from today's media cover on the National Perinatal Statistics Unit annual report regarding success rates for Australian IVF Clinics.

19 May 2013

IVF specialists at Melbourne IVF are working on a digital time lapsed imagery technology (embryoscope), which may improve success rates for women using IVF.

10 May 2013

Melbourne IVF statement on potential changes to sperm donor laws

11 April 2013

The man who helped with the birth of the first baby using IVF in Australia will now be helping Wyndham families take advantage of the life changing technology

11 April 2013

Two significant events occurred in the world of IVF, on Wednesday 10th April 2013

18 December 2012

Melbourne IVF Mt Waverley Official opening

5 June 2012

New study shows Advanced Embryo Selection increases IVF pregnancy rates by up to 65%.