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As pioneers in IVF, Melbourne IVF is one of the world’s leading centres for fertility treatment, at the forefront of research, technology and teaching, with specialists from across Australia and the world visiting our centre to learn and share ideas. 

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26 March 2020

COVID-19 Update: For patients in-cycle or those considering Fertility Treatment 26 March 2020, Melbourne IVF

19 March 2020

Here are some steps to protect yourself from COVID-19

21 February 2020

A new study published in The BMJ which suggests a common group of antibiotics in early pregnancy may increase the risk of major birth defects.

19 February 2020

Melbourne IVF welcomes the Victorian Government’s removal of police checks for IVF patients

4 February 2020

Melbourne IVF and Virtus Health launch ‘Get Me Pregnant!’, a new podcast series with Mamamia

5 November 2019

A/Prof John McBain reflects on the pioneering work of his late colleague Sir Robert Edwards

16 October 2019

Women undergoing IVF could soon have a better chance of improving the quality of embryos.

27 September 2019

We’re proud to announce a new partnership between Virtus Health and Business Chicks, the country’s largest and most influential community for women.

17 September 2019

New study warns about the accuracy of fertility apps used by thousands of Australian women who are trying to conceive.

16 September 2019

Professor John McBain, founder of Melbourne IVF, received the FSA Honorary Life Membership for his contribution to the science of human reproduction and ART.

16 September 2019

New research states elective sperm freezing should also be considered by men in regards to declining g fertility.

6 September 2019

Melbourne IVF Scientific Director Professor David Gardner explains the significance of investigating the role antioxidants play in early embryo development.

3 September 2019

New research from the MCRI found that any effect that assisted reproduction technology has on babies’ genes is largely corrected by adulthood.

14 August 2019

Melbourne IVF welcomes investigation into the long term effects of ICSI.

3 July 2019

There has been some media coverage overnight about Ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS) a long-standing and well-recognised complication of IVF.

3 July 2019

Victorian Government will improve access to ART for same sex female couples to use donated sperm, eggs and embryos.

24 May 2019

Innovative Australian technology which uses artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of an individual IVF embryo leading to a viable pregnancy.

24 January 2019

New research shows that endometrial scratching in the month prior to an embryo transfer does not increase the chance of an embryo implanting

25 March 2018

Australia's first pregnancy has been achieved from embryos that have been monitored and filmed using the next generation time lapse digital imaging technology

17 October 2017

Professor David Gardner, has become the second Australian to be acknowledged by the ASRM having received the Distinguished Researcher Award for his research